Lean Management, the philosophy that shapes every industry

08 December 2017 17:30 – 19:00
Location: VUB, campus Etterbeek, Building D niv. 0 lokaal 07, Pleinlaan 2, Elsene, Brussel, België
Category: Young

In the 1950s, Taichi Ohno invented the Toyota Production System, a set of mindset and production tools that would help Toyota become a global leader years later. Lean management was born. From automotive manufacturing to financial service operations, all industries were impacted by this new management philosophy. 

Nowadays, companies are applying lean methodology across all departments including Research & Development or even legal department. This short introduction will provide a first step in understanding the fundamentals behind the lean management philosophy.

Speaker Kevin Fonck from McKinsey & Company will provide us with this short introduction into lean management and how it can shape the future of the chemical industry.

The lecture will be held in room D0.07 of the VUB campus Etterbeek on Friday, Dec. 8th starting from 17.30h. Entry is free for members of KVCV, 2 € for members of Wetenschappelijke Kring, and 4 € for non-members (payment in cash on the spot).

A reception will be held after the lecture with networking opportunities. Registration is not mandatory, but highly encouraged via our ticketing system.

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