C2W | Mens & Molecule

C2W | Mens & Molecule is the membership magazine of the KVCV (in Dutch). It appears 12 times per year and informs the readers about recent developments in chemistry and related disciplines such as instrumentation, life sciences, process technology, laboratory technology and molecular sciences.

C2W | Mens & Molecule reports on developments in universities and research laboratories as well as on developments within companies and commercial chemistry organisations. There is a strong focus on the Netherlands and Flanders. The magazine is edited by an independent editorial board composed of professional journalists and editors with a thorough knowledge of chemistry and related disciplines.

Ideas for C2W | Mens & Molecule

We welcome any ideas for the content of C2W | Mens & Molecule, such as topics for background articles or opinions, developments in research or education, persons, research institutions, achievements of companies or events related to the topics of the planned issues. Suggestions can be sent to the editorial office via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with cc to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Contributions to the KVCV pages 

KVCV divisions or people who want to include a contribution in the KVCV pages can send this to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Attn Christophe De Bie, before the deadline mentioned below. Information that is sent overdue will be included in a next issue.


Dates of appearance
Deadline for contributions
nr. 1 Recycling
> 30-11-2022
nr. 2 Farma
> 04-01-2023
nr. 3 AI/Computational Science
> 01-02-2023
nr. 4 Lab-/Foodtech
nr. 5 Procestechnologie 12-05-2023 > 05-04-2023
nr. 6/7 Bouwmaterialen
> 17-05-2023
nr. 8 Studentenspecial
> 05-07-2023
nr. 9 Imaging 08-09-2023 > 02-08-2023
nr. 10 Water
> 06-09-2023
nr. 11 Synthese/Katalyse
> 04-10-2023
nr. 12 Halfgeleiders/Elektronica 08-12-2023 > 02-11-2023


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Contact details Mens & Molecule

C2W | Mens & Molecule
Jan Willem Toering, directeur (070-3378797, jwt@kncv.nl)
KNCV Media
Postbus 249, 2260 AE Leidschendam
The Netherlands
Editor in chief
Esther Thole
e-mail: ethole@kncv.nl

For information or quotations for advertising in C2W | Mens & Molecule:
Bas van den Engel (06-42306937, b.vandenengel@persmanager.nl)