75 years of KVCV

75 years of KVCV in Mens & Molecule

In 2014-2015, KVCV celebrated its 75th birthday. On the occasion of this platinum anniversary, a series of articles on the origination of KVCV and its divisions appeared in Mens & Molecule. Click below for a complete overview of these articles (in Dutch).



Academic Session

KVCV and the chemistry departments of the University of Ghent organized an academic session on Saturday April 18, 2015 at the University of Ghent, the Alma Mater of the first president of KVCV, prof. Jan Gilles, Honorary Rector of that same university. The program can be found here. A photo report of this memorable day can be found here.


Chemistry Teacher of the Year

In the context of its 75th birthday, KVCV organized a contest to elect the “Chemistry Teacher of the Year”. With this prize, KVCV wants to stimulate new initiatives and innovative projects in chemistry education. The prize will be awarded every 5 years.

A chemistry teacher in the secondary school who created and performed an appealing project, module and/or practicum, or creatively merged practical sessions with theory, or found an interesting way to stimulate students for the field, was declared “Chemistry Teacher of the Year”.

On Saturday October 3, 2015, Ann De Neef (Santa Maria, Leuven) was voted to be the very first “Chemistry teacher of the Year”. More information on the awards ceremony  and the competition can be found here (in Dutch).


Chemistry and Philately in Belgium

The sections Education & Training and Young of the KVCV developed an exhibition on the topic of Chemistry and Philately in Belgium. For the organization, they collaborated with Pro-Post, the association responsible for the promotion of the philately in Belgium.


Chemistry and World War I: A day at the Belgian Westhoek

In the context of 100 years of the Great War, KVCV organized a seminar on the chemistry behind this war on Sunday September 28, 2014. This event was supported by the city of Ieper. The program of this interesting day can be found here (in Dutch). A photo report can be found here.