From dust till dawn – how solids affect cosmic life - AFGELAST

26 March 2020 19:00 – 22:00
Location: Leuven Chem&Tech, Celestijnenlaan 200F, Leuven, Belgium
Category: Young

Wegens de maatregelen om de verspreiding van het COVID-19 virus tegen te gaan zijn we genoodzaakt deze lezing te annuleren.

 Speakers: David Gobrecht, Marie Van de Sande en Robin Baeyens

Cosmic dust condensates are created from abundant molecules and refractory molecular clusters that are prevalent in the extended atmospheres of evolved stars. We follow the evolution of cosmic solids, starting with their nucleation from gas-phase species, followed by grain-surface processes including chemical and physical adsorption/desorption as well as the growth of ice mantels. Eventually, we address the formation of planets from these cosmic solids and further discuss the chemical processes that shape planetary atmospheres.

Attending the lecture is free for members of KVCV, members of Chemica pay € 2 and other pay € 4 (payment on the spot, cash or payconiq).
After the lecture we welcome you on a free reception in the corridors.
The lecture will take place in the Curie room of the Chem&Tech building.
The lecture will be in English.

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