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Since thirty years the Kekulé cycle has offered a biannual series of lectures on visionary topics in science and technology. Therefore the organizers invite internationally renowned speakers from academia and business. The Kekulé cycle promotes insight, reflection and dialogue and creates a platform where students, academics and professionals from research, education and industry meet.

Kekulé-cyclus XVIII “Solutions for global challenges”

Nowadays we consider the low carbon economy and society as one of the most important global challenges. This sets high expectations for policy. We are counting on new technologies that can make processes more sustainable and circular. In this Kekulé cycle we focus on innovations which promote this transition.

We examine the question how to preserve as much of the value of resources and materials as possible and to minimize in addition waste and environmental impact. Which steps do we need in order to provide the citizen as well as the industry with sustainable energy in the coming decades.

Concerning the chemical industry we will examine the topic Industry 4.0 with new technologies and artificial intelligence. Where do we see opportunities and which impact will they have on the future of work?

We look at cutting edge technologies as CRISPR-Cas for biotech, the MYRRHA project of SCK-CEN and proton therapy for cancer treatment.

Space research is also dealt with by the discovery of exoplanets and R&D topics crucial for space travel and space stay.

Traditionally the Kekulé cycle closes with topics from medicine. We focus on aspects of the immune system: vaccination, antibacterial resistance and causes of allergy.

With these actual lectures the Kekulé cycle aims to illustrate the contribution of science and technology to our future.

Let the lectures and discussions inspire you, meet the numerous students and professionals from education, research and industry, participating in this forum.


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