The European Chemical Society (EuChemS) brings together chemistry related organisations throughout Europe to provide a single voice on key science and policy issues, based on expert scientific knowledge.

EuChemS is a not-for-profit organisation and has more than 42 member societies which together represent more than 150,000 chemists in academia, industry, government and professional organisations in more than 30 countries across Europe. EuChemS has several Divisions and Working Groups which cover all areas of chemistry and bring together world class expertise in the underpinning science and development needed for innovation.

KVCV is represented within EuChemS by Roger Dommisse.



EuChemS organises high quality European scientific conferences, recognising cutting-edge research meetings in chemical and molecular sciences and interdisciplinary areas.
Through the European Chemistry Congress – a biennial celebration of the achievements and future developments of chemistry – the EuChemS community comes together to create a significant global scientific event.
EuChemS encourages applications for recognition of a wide variety of scientific events applied by the national chemical societies.


Divisions and Working Parties

The scientific Divisions and Working Parties enhance networking in their own fields of expertise and promote collaboration with other European and international organisations.The Divisions and Working Parties organise high quality scientific conferences in chemical and molecular sciences and interdisciplinary areas.

  • Division of Analytical Chemistry
  • Division of Chemical Education
  • Division of Chemistry and Energy - representation of KVCV by Mohammadhosein (Momo) Safari
  • Division of Chemistry and the Environment - representation of KVCV by Adrian Covaci
  • Division of Chemistry in Life Sciences - representation of KVCV by Annemieke Madder
  • Division of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry - representation of KVCV by Hans De Winter
  • Division of Food Chemistry - representation of KVCV by Joris Van Loco and Jurgen Denys
  • Division of Glycoscience
  • Division of Green and Sustainable Chemistry - representation of KVCV by Dries Vandamme
  • Division of Inorganic Chemistry
  • Division of Nuclear and Radiochemistry - representation of KVCV by Thomas Cardinaels
  • Division of Organic Chemistry - representation of KVCV by Wim De Borggraeve
  • Division of Organometallic Chemistry - representation of KVCV by Steven Nolan
  • Division of Physical Chemistry
  • Division of Solid State and Materials Chemistry - representation of KVCV by Stefan De Gendt
  • Working Party on Chemistry for Cultural Heritage - representation of KVCV by Koen Janssens
  • Working Party on Ethics in Chemistry
  • Working Party on Formulation in Chemistry
  • Working Party on the History of Chemistry - representation of KVCV by Filip Buyse
  • Working Party on Mechanochemistry

Each member organisation of EuChemS can appoint up to two delegates to each Division or Working Party. Appointed delegates should be leading researchers in the field of activity of the Division and/or Working Party in national or European bodies in the field. It is recommended that the appointment is for three years, extendible at least once.

Within the framework of the Division or Working Party the duties of delegates shall include:

  • Developing and contributing to the Division’s or Working Party’s scientific activities;
  • Seeking information from, and reporting back to, the EuChemS member organisation;
  • Participating in the annual meeting of the Division or Working Party and other activities;
  • Seeking opportunities to promote the activities of the Division or Working Party in their own country, through meetings and publications, using electronic means of communication where possible.

Guidelines for Divisions and Working Parties.

If you would like to act as a representative for Flanders in one of the Divisions or Working Parties mentioned above, please contact Christophe De Bie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The European Young Chemists’ Network. EYCN is the younger members division of the European Chemical Society (EuChemS). Every chemist under 35 within the EuChemS framework is part of EYCN.

KVCV is being represented in EYCN by Thomas Vranken and Nathan Carpentier.

More information about EYCN can be found here.


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