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A proteomics perspective on protein function in space and time

2021-12-07 08:00 - 2021-12-08 17:00
University of Liège - Pl. du Vingt Août

While the cellular genotype is fixed in time, the phenotype is constantly changing in response to the fitful environment. This dynamic process is mediated through proteins. For decades, proteomics has focused mainly on the changes in abundance of these proteins, but recent developments increasingly allow the study of (the changes in) their cellular localization, which has an equally profound impact on the cellular phenotype and function. Early December, BePA will therefore explore the most recent insights on protein function in space and time. On December 7th, we will have a physical BePA Winter School, a day that walks you through the proteomics workflow and touches upon several applications in the field. In essence, it is a one-day summary of our four-day BePA Summer School. On December 8th, we will line up a rich collection of national and international speakers that will illustrate where the field is standing and where it is heading.


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