From food to biomedical device, gelatin does the trick

23 maart 2017 19:00 – 22:00
Locatie: Thomas More, Geel, Kleinhoefstraat 4, Geel, België
Categorie: Jong

Lecture by Filip Meersman.

Gelatin is a protein with applications in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and medical devices. To understand gelatin’s many uses it is necessary to explore its properties and how these come about by the production process. Next, selected examples of its use in food, cosmetics and bioengineering will be discussed to demonstrate its versatility. Examples of bioengineering include its use as a haemostatic and injectable gels that can serve as scaffolds. These examples show that this highly unstructured protein can give rise to structured assemblies. As such it represents a wonderful example of an alternative view on structural biology when considering longer lengthscales. The examples chosen also highlight the strong correlation between gelatin’s macromolecular properties and its structure-function.

The lecture will take place at Thomas More Kempen. The aula will be announced later.

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The lecture starts at 19h00. After the lecture the attendees are invited for a reception in the corridors.

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