3D Printing: Small object, big impacts

23 november 2017 19:00 – 22:00
Locatie: AP Hogeschool Antwerpen, Campus Kronenburg, Kronenburgstraat 47, Antwerpen, België
Categorie: Jong

3D printing appears everywhere, not only does the media report about breakthroughs in medical procedures, the technology is also within reach for every digitally skilled handyman. Dr. Toon Roels (Materialise) elaborates on the different technologies that hide under the collective name of 3D Printing, the physical and chemical processes that underlie, and what precisely makes this production technique so different from the traditional manufacturing processes. We look at what is already possible today, what the major research fields are, and what impact 3D printing can have on our industry and everyday environment.

The lecture will take place at AP Hogeschool Antwerpen, Campus Kronenburg, Kronenburgstraat 47, Antwerpen - room 1.08.

Attending the lecture is free for members of KVCV, member of Nucleo Antwerpen pay € 2 and others pay € 4 (payment on the spot, cash or payconiq).

The lecture starts at 19h00. After the lecture the attendees are invited for a reception in the corridors.

Registration is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged.

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